How can digitizing my documents benefit me?

Document Scanning Service

Why Our Document Scanning Service?

Outsource your document scanning requirement to Coastal Docs where your documents will be collected and digitised to PDF through our document scanning process knowing that quality, confidentiality and security is utmost.

The documnet scanning service is for large files such as minutes and client files, add our OCR service (Optical Character Recognition) to your digitised paper files to speed up searching for specific pages and sections.

Quickly search, locate and distribute your documents when you need them online!
CoastalDocs will digitise your paper files and provide secure access 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Coastal Docs have the capacity to digitise all types of documents, and with using the latest technology achieving exceptional quality.


Kodak scanners with Capture Pro is used to ensure the highest quality image is created for our converted documents.
One off bulk document scanning or ongoing documnet scanning service.

Typical Paperwork

A few areas that we provide our document scanning service…

Finance Departments

Purchase invoices and sales invoices | Payroll documents
Coastal Docs can convert your paper files and extract invoice data for import into your existing systems such as Microsoft Navision.

Human Resources

Employee files | Pension member files, paper and film
Legacy microfilm and microfiche can also be converted to digital files, such as PDF for quicker retrieval and import into you existing document management systems.

Accountancy and Legal files

Closed client files | Financial documents
If you have an existing archive of closed client files, or require an ongoing collection and document conversion service, Coastal Docs have a solution for you. The new digital files can be imported into your existing case management system, or simply stored securely on your network for instant secure access.

Quality documents and reports

Test certificates | Certificates of conformity | Working papers
Many quality records need to be kept for a significant amount of time so can cause a huge build up of paper records. Keep these important records safe and secure through our document scanning service.

Medical records

Patient records
Convert your paper patient files for quick access to improve customer service and secure those important historical records.

Realtor files

Backup documentation | Closed client files

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