How can digitizing my documents benefit me?


Paper Document Scanning

Coastal Docs have the capacity to convert all types of documents, and with using the latest technology achieving exceptional quality. Convert all your paper files to secure, accessible PDF.
Outsource document scanning to Coastal Docs to allow your staff to do their actual job!

Microfilm Scanning

Coastal Docs can convert all types of film and fiche to digital images such as Tiff or PDF. 16mm roll film, 35mm roll film, microfiche jackets, COM fiche and aperture cards can be scanned and converted to PDF or Tiff images.
Remove the need to maintain legacy microfilm readers which are expensive and slow.

Large Format Scanning

Plans, map and blueprints, converted to PDF files to preserve those torn paper copies.
These can be imported into you CAD system to save hours of redrawing or to simply store them in a digital format for ease of access.

OCR for Full Text Search

For large files such as minutes and client files, add our OCR service (Optical Character Recognition) to your digitised paper files to speed up searching for specific pages and sections.

Document Hosting

Quickly search, locate and distribute your documents when you need them online!
CoastalDocs will digitise your paper files and provide secure access 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Data Capture

Add quicker retrieval of your documents with our data entry services. CoastalDocs can create a database containing your key document data, such as invoice number, date and vendor number.

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