How can digitizing my documents benefit me?

Why document scanning?

Why outsource document scanning?

Our document scanning service will convert your paper archive into usable, portable PDF files. Outsourcing this service gives you confidence that your documentation is safely archived via our proven document scanning process. In doing this your company will save time, space and money. Also having your paper archives scanned to secure digital files, you now have a disaster recovery system in place for these documents. Once your documents are scanned, they will be a part of your system wide backup system.

Our document scanning team are knowledgeable and experienced to process your documents professionally to the best quality achievable.

Coastal Document Solutions have over 25 years of experience in the document management industry and high volume document processing.

Save time and money

No more wasted time searching for paper documents in your office or storage rooms.
Free up that expensive office and use it for more productive purposes.
Allow employees to do what they were employed to do, be more productive. No standing at time consuming copiers.
No need to purchase expensive scanning hardware, software and IT systems.

Secure Backup of your data

Once your files are scanned to digital files, such as PDF, you have in place a disaster recovery procedure for your important company documents, such as finance, HR, quality records and client files.

Quick retrieval of scanned files

Find document when you need them, no more searching through filing cabinets and boxes for that important document. This saves you time and money.

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